About The Book

AGENTS / EDITORS: The unpublished complete manuscript for THE TEMPEST IN GLASS and 2-page synopsis are available upon request.

On a mystifying Arizona morning when intelligence officer Marvin Fischer’s prayer for the safety of Rubi Valdez is met with disaster, Marvin’s spirit and logic-bound mind are tormented, and the life of Rubi’s stargazing son Antonio is shattered.

But when a cryptic text message leads Marvin and Antonio to the infamous medium Amina Karimova in Scotland, the trio joins forces on an unprecedented quest to contact a biblical saint, in hopes that he can perform an exceptional miracle.

Venturing through ancient ruins in England and Mexico, the sojourners face deadly resistance from an otherworldly emissary sent to destroy them. When the trio must cross into the ghost town of the After Worlds—its incomplete mansions in a wasteland of black dunes—they encounter the spirits of famous departed legends who reveal dark secrets threatening the destiny of souls.

Chosen by the Creator, Marvin and his friends find themselves tangled in an ultimate mission that will alter the course of eternity, and Marvin must finally come to terms with his own personal demon— letting go of logic to find faith in prayer to a higher power.

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