There’s a NOVEL in the works.

“Following a career of almost three decades in script writing and video directing, THE DEAD RELIGIOUS is my first novel, a project in which I’ve dared myself away from conventional theological thought in an effort to confront and understand my own life’s path, and to tell a compelling, entertaining, and evocative story. Much of my experience comes home in this work. Maybe it’s my magnum opus. It’s scary, but highly fulfilling.”

The Day That Would Change MARVIN FISCHER‘s Life Forever.


A novel of contemporary epic fantasy.

One man’s prayer for the safety of a woman causes a terrible accident, launching him on a dangerous quest through ancient ruins and mystical realms to find out what happened.

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Marvin Fischer wished he had never met Rubi Valdez. On that fateful Arizona morning when he had prayed for her safety, his faith was turned upside down, and the life of Rubi’s stargazing boy Anthony was shattered. But when a mysterious text message leads Marvin and Anthony to the infamous medium Amina Umarov in Scotland, the trio joins forces on an unprecedented quest to find Ascended Masters of the After Worlds, who can perform a seemingly impossible miracle.

And then all hell breaks loose.

Marvin, Anthony, and Amina experience a harrowing journey through ancient ruins, a searing challenge of faith, and a terrifying faceoff against the very essence of evil, where they uncover a dark secret kept hidden for millennia. Once unlocked, it could change millions of lives and alter the unfolding of eternity itself.

For anyone who has ever wrestled with faith or pondered the afterlife, THE DEAD RELIGIOUS offers an emotive tale and a sobering alternate theology, examining the deepest cries of humanity to find meaning and purpose in a confounding existence.