THE TEMPEST IN GLASS 2ND EDITION – delivers February 23, 2024 in eBook and Print!

One man’s prayer for the safety of a woman causes a terrible accident, launching him on a dangerous quest through ancient ruins and mystical realms, where he discovers unspeakable secrets that threaten the course of eternity.


ZURI JADE KING is Dirk’s latest writing project. Currently in the early development stages, ZURI JADE KING is the first of 3 novels in a new ACTION-THRILLER series by Dirk Eichhorst. Stay tuned!

When fresh-out-of-training African spy Zuri Jade King discovers her Italian lover is actually a lawless business tycoon, she embarks on an action-packed mission from the Bahamas to Spain, to remote Kenya, bent on catching him before he can launch a ruthless scheme that will bring the world to its knees.

After reading chapter one, readers say:

“I can’t wait to read more! So interesting!” – Bethany M.

“I love it !!” – Amy S.

“I definitely want more and have so many questions that will keep me reading to find out.” – Carol K. T.

“My vision is a trilogy on a magnitude that no one has ever experienced.” Writer Dirk Eichhorst

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“An epic adventure that compels you to turn its pages until you reach the end. A must-read!”

Brenda Hasse, award-winning author of the AFTERLIFE JOURNEY trilogy

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“The Tempest In Glass” is the debut novel of writer-director Dirk Eichhorst. The novel by Dirk Eichhorst is an adventurous mystery-thriller with an edge of supernatural fantasy. The Limited First Edition of “The Tempest In Glass” earned excellent reviews and high praise from readers. The Limited First Edition of “The Tempest In Glass” is sold out. A second edition of “The Tempest In Glass” by Dirk Eichhorst is being planned for print, eBook, and audio book.