I’m thrilled to say my first novel, THE TEMPEST IN GLASS, is in the final revision stages before shopping to an agent / publisher!


a novel by Dirk Eichhorst

In contemporary America, one man’s prayer for the safety of a woman

causes a terrible accident. Haunted by the event, the man teams

with a young boy and a beautiful medium to embark on a dangerous

quest across historic cities and ancient ruins to find out what happened.

Guided by the spirits of departed legends and pursued

by a relentless enemy, they must cross into mystical realms

to achieve an impossible miracle. Determined to confront fate,

the search for answers leads to a face-off at the very center of evil.

 In this first novel from videographer Dirk Eichhorst,

the timeless practices of religion cross new horizons.

(Carousel Teaser coming Spring 2021)

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