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“An epic adventure that compels you to turn its pages until you reach the end. A must-read!”

Brenda Hasse, award-winning author of the AFTERLIFE JOURNEY trilogy

A Five-Star Review from Sheena Monnin, Stellar Media Club:

“A thrilling adventure story.
One of the things I most enjoyed about
‘The Tempest in Glass’ by Dirk Eichhorst
is the unbiased and intellectual way the author
approaches spiritual topics. The incredible pacing
of this story coupled with characters that act,
react, speak, and think with such realism
makes this book a treasured read. The steady
evolution of the main character and the
subtle evolution of the supporting characters
is powerfully portrayed… An ironic journey
of personal growth, given the
delightfully surprising ending. This book is
a must-read for lovers of thrillers, mysteries,
the possibility of life after death.”

From The Back Cover

Ever since intelligence officer Marvin Fischer’s plea to spare his wife’s life was ignored by God, he fills the void with luxury living and no longer believes in the power of prayer. But when single-mother Rubi Valdez insists he pray for her safety, Marvin complies, resulting in a shocking accident. Haunted by guilt, Marvin is determined to understand why his prayers are met with disaster. 

World-renowned medium Amina Karimova senses perilous turbulence on the other side, and fears the spiritual world is caught in an unprecedented assault by some unknown power.

Led to Amina through a mysterious text message, Marvin embarks on a dangerous quest through ancient ruins and mystical realms, where legendary spirits reveal unspeakable secrets altering the course of eternity. Tangled in a mission to reset the constancy of the spiritual realm, Marvin must let go of logic to revive his faith, or Rubi Valdez and millions like her will be lost forever.

From Readers

“Dirk Eichhorst takes readers on an enchanting and breathtaking journey into perilous worlds of mystical dimensions, leaving readers in awe and wanting a sequel.” 

“A fantastic journey into worlds not of our own, where the absoluteness of reality is shattered and replaced by a foreboding spiritual uncertainty.”

“The author creates original settings described so vividly you feel you’re right in the middle of it all…the protagonist is so well developed it’s easy to feel his internal struggle right along with him”.

“A spiritual journey towards the power of prayer. The vivid landscapes and lush writing transport the reader into a different dimension all-together. For fans of Lord Of The Rings and Dune, and those who seek inner clarity of their calling.”

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