Before Dirk Eichhorst wrote “The Tempest In Glass”, he served almost 30 years in video production through his company, Cumberland Media Ministries, Inc., and with various employers.

Dirk has written and directed hundreds of projects, enlisted countless crew members and volunteers, served on the Board of Directors at West Michigan Film Video Alliance, and has been a conference speaker on the topics of film directing and script & screenwriting.

Here are just a few of the accolades Dirk has earned.

For “The Tempest In Glass”

Sheena Monnin, Stellar Media Club

A thrilling adventure story. One of the things I most enjoyed about ‘The Tempest in Glass’ by Dirk Eichhorst is the unbiased and intellectual way the author approaches spiritual topics. The incredible pacing of this story coupled with characters that act, react, speak, and think with such realism makes this book a treasured read. The steady evolution of the main character and the subtle evolution of the supporting characters is powerfully portrayed… An ironic journey of personal growth, given the delightfully surprising ending. This book is a must-read for lovers of thrillers, mysteries, the possibility of life after death.”

K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite

“ ‘The Tempest In Glass’ is a fascinating spiritual adventure novel… an action-packed quest to discover the secrets—both light and dark—of faith, belief, and the spirit realm. Atmospheric crafting, with cinematic detail in every scene. I also really enjoyed the main character’s journey to spiritualism and the struggles he has with logic, reason, luck, and grief. Author Dirk Eichhorst has a clear mission in mind with the plot, which gradually builds to a very exciting conclusion indeed, and you always feel like you’re in safe hands with his authorial confidence. I’d definitely recommend ‘The Tempest In Glass’ to fans of in-depth supernatural and spiritual adventures, and those who appreciate powerful emotional drama and realistic character building.

“An epic adventure that compels you to turn its pages until you reach the end. A must-read!”

Brenda Hasse, award-winning author of the Afterlife Journey trilogy

“An intelligence analyst squares off with the afterlife in Eichhorst’s ambitious debut. Eichhorst’s sprawling story bristles with an intriguing mix of Christianity and ancient mythology, alongside modern day adventure and a twist of romance. As Marvin and Tony set out on a crusade to bring Tony’s mother back to life, their paths cross a slew of legendary characters, including Gilgamesh the Wise and the ancient Toltec leader Topiltzin, also known as Quetzalcoatl, the god of wind, rain, and peace. Along the way, Marvin falls for renowned spiritual medium Doctor Amina Karimova, who gets swept into their quest as they fight to reach the afterlife and return home safely–all the while battling dark forces that threaten to overtake them at every turn. Readers should come prepared for an abundance of religious and theological discussions. For those who enjoy elaborate storylines and high-stakes mythology, this realm-spanning thriller will hit the spot, and the climax satisfyingly wraps up the story’s physical and spiritual themes.”

— BookLife

“One of the best novels I’ve ever read.”

Enthused Reader

“Dirk Eichhorst takes readers on an enchanting and breathtaking journey into perilous places of mystical dimensions, leaving readers in awe and wanting a sequel.”

Enthused Reader


Enthused Reader

“A fantastic journey into worlds not of our own, where the absoluteness of reality is shattered and replaced by a foreboding spiritual uncertainty.”

Enthused Reader

A fun ride seeking answers to the questions we have all privately pondered.”

Enthused Reader

“The author creates original settings described so vividly you feel you’re right in the middle of it all…the protagonist is so well developed it’s easy to feel his internal struggle right along
with him.”

Enthused Reader

“A spiritual journey towards the power of prayer. The vivid landscapes and lush writing transport the reader into a different dimension all-together. For fans of Lord Of The Rings
and Dune, and those who seek inner clarity of their calling.”

Enthused Reader

From former clients

“Dirk did an absolutely outstanding job of producing a professional, highly effective promotional video for us. Dirk was sensitive to our needs and gave us high confidence in his technical and artistic abilities. I give Dirk rave reviews and highest compliments!”

Clay Thomas, Camp Director, White Sulphur Springs, Pennsylvania

Dirk truly cared about the script in all its details; the music, the pictures, the footage. We were delighted with the video as was our audience!”

Nancy Kingsriter, Public Relations Manager, Beulah Beach, Ohio

From former crew members

“Dirk is a man who pursues excellence, yet handles people and situations with grace and poise. Dirk created a team that functioned together professionally, but also enjoyed the work and shared in Dirk’s vision of the film. Dirk’s ability to work with people is one of his greatest assets in film making.”

Kalena Meyers, Actress, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“I have seen how meticulous Dirk is in preparing a production, as to save money and time, yet not sacrifice quality. Dirk is open to suggestions and likes input from the crew. He is a hard worker and when a project is fully shot, he takes the same care in editing for the finished product.”

Michael Weis, Director of Photography, Orlando, Florida

From former employers

“Once in awhile you cross paths with a person who really stands out as somebody that’s truly trustworthy and diligent in everything they do and really seems to care about the details in the work they produce. For me that person is Dirk Eichhorst.”

Larry Evey, Owner, West Coast Media, Inc., Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Dirk Eichhorst created our video department from the ground up, selecting state-of-the-art cameras, lighting gear, computer equipment and software… everything we needed to make the videos we wanted… converted our sound stage to accommodate our needs. Dirk became our video director and produced some wonderful promotional, educational, and documentary pieces for our ministry. I highly recommend Dirk and his talents.

Scott Pierre, Executive Director, Sola Scriptura, Orlando, Florida

From former conference attendees

“Thank you, Dirk, for being so clear, concise, and well-organized in your presentation!”

– Lisa

“This class will be very helpful in my writing career. Mr. Eichhorst gave fine examples and a good amount of questions to ponder.”

– John

“Mr. Eichhorst commanded immediate respect because he has extensive experience in writing and excellent knowledge of all different aspects of filmmaking.”

– Al

“Dirk Eichhorst was the best teacher I ever had the pleasure of learning from. I look up to him greatly as a mentor. I learned more than I ever imagined. Dirk Eichhorst is amazing!”

– Rene

“The Tempest In Glass” is the debut novel of writer-director Dirk Eichhorst. The book is still in its early launch phase. According to readers and reviewers, “The Tempest In Glass” is one of the best new fiction books of 2022, a spiritual adventure book with elements of mystery-thriller and speculative fiction. It may also be considered new Christian fiction with a sharp edge.